Betty and Bobby welcome you to BuddyPoke
Welcome to the world of BuddyPoke, a collection of NFT's, each an original digital masterpiece residing on the Ethereum blockchain. With a total of 72 unique buddies across 93 different scenes comprising 4,026 nfts, every picture in Our Collection tells a unique story, since each is one-of-a-kind.

Betty and Bobby falling asleep q Solo pictures have a single buddy in them, so any given solo scene will generate 72 pictures, one for each buddy.

q Duet pictures have two buddies in them, each showing up only once per scene. These are rarer then solo's, as there are only 36 pictures created from every duet scene.

q Trio pictures are rarer still, having three buddies in them, with 24 pictures per scene.

q Quartet pictures have four buddies in them, with 18 variations per scene.

q Octets are the rarest of NFT's with a whopping eight buddies and only 9 pictures per scene.

From cute group pictures to late-night jams and zombie-battling warriors, you'll love what we have to offer! Experience the artistry, marvel at the detail, and begin your collection today on!
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Ever wanted to own a one-of-a-kind piece of art? That's what NFTs are all about! They're unique digital tokens that live on the blockchain, which is a ridiculously secure digital vault. To score a BuddyPoke NFT, just swing on over to, your one-stop-shop for all things NFT. Get yourself a digital wallet, fill it up with some Ethereum, and you're ready to start your digital art collection!

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